Caicedo Lab
Using machine learning and artificial intelligence for modeling and understanding complex biological data, especially imaging data, at large scale.
After seven wonderful years at the Broad Institute (2016-2023), I have started a new exciting career journey in Madison, WI. Our research group is now at the Morgridge Institute for Research and the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Learn more:
Hello! I am Juan Caicedo, a Schmidt Fellow and Principal Investigator at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. My main research interests are at the intersection of biology and machine learning, specifically for decoding cellular phenotypes and their interactions using imaging technologies and computer vision. You can read more about my academic journey, my list of publications, and why I science
In my group, we aim to use machine learning for discovering meaningful patterns and connections in diverse sources of biological data. Machine learning gives computers the ability to understand objects in images, human voice in audio, and natural language in texts, and it can serve as a powerful tool to observe and quantify cellular events from different perspectives.
Machine learning for cellular biology research group.
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